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Story for Snakey

Once upon a time, there was a Kumquat named George. His full name was Albertus Stefano Ledbetter III, so they called him George for obvious reasons. George was an upstanding Kumquat-he was kind to his family, he worked hard at the thimble factory, and he loved his country. He would occasionally argue with the grapefruit down the street, but we can forgive him that-the grapefruit was quite a sour fellow.

With all of George’s good qualities, he was a very lonely guy. You see, George was shy. Who knows what causes a person to be shy-genetics, family upbringing, or that unfortunate teasing incident when George chose to wear lederhosen in kindergarten (he still doesn’t like to discuss that). Whatever the reason, George just wanted a best friend. He wasn’t sure how to go about it. His mother suggested an ad in the paper. George thought it couldn’t hurt.

George worked hard on his ad and nervously sent it to the editor. The next week, the ad appeared…

“Friendship-No Refrigeration Necessary”
(George thought this was witty and would catch someone’s eye)

Hi, I’m George. I’m seeking a friend. A friend with good
values, who loves his family, who loves his country, who
works hard, and who enjoys his free time. I would make a
great friend. I practice all of the above, and I am very
loyal. If you are interested, reply to editor. Please, no
applicants with piratical tendencies.

George went to the mailbox to see if the editor had forwarded him any responses to his add. There was only one. He was a little disappointed…but he quickly let it go because he only needed one really good friend. The response simply said “I would like to be your friend. Meet me at the market by the bananas on Tuesday at noon.”

George went to the market feeling excited and anxious to meet his new friend. He looked around and waiting by the bananas was the most beautiful papaya that he had ever seen. He had never considered a “she” for a friend. They started talking. Her name was Millicent-they called her Katie for short (I don’t know either). George and Katie had so much in common, and they enjoyed hanging out together. They became the best of friends…

And so kids, that is how I Met Your Mother.


(The above story was written for my friend Annette, so she will make me a stuffed snake…Her challenge can be viewed at